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easyrx by easyrx



After more than five years of development and testing, easyrx is available— the most advanced digital prescription and case management system engineered to date.

Developed in collaboration with orthodontists, easyrx is a revolutionary web-based application that provides unprecedented control to both doctors and laboratories over the entire prescription workflow—from conception to appliance design, all the way to manufacturing, shipping and invoicing—through a single, visually-stunning graphical interface, accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Easyrx features an integrated gateway through which doctors can quickly and easily transmit intra-oral scans directly to your lab, helping position your business for the coming digital scanning era. By powering your lab with easyrx, you are providing your doctors with the most efficient and secure portal for managing their prescriptions and archiving their cases— both paper and digital.

Our vision was to radically enhance the prescription workflow and the way that doctors and labs communicate with one another, enabling them to exchange information. We are proud to say we have accomplished our goal. By digitally linking members across geographical barriers, easyrx is becoming a hub for an entire network of orthodontic labs and clinicians around the world.

Fully-customizable to your lab’s appliances, pricing and corporate brand, easyrx will expand your laboratory reach by showcasing your products to thousands of orthodontists connected to the easyrx network. Its productivity solutions will economize your lab’s workflow, eliminate inefficiency, and help your lab reach new levels of performance.

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