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ZONEFree by DUX® Dental


DUX® Dental

DUX Dental’s ZONEfree is a temporary dental cement that contains prismatic color blending nanofillers that act like tiny beads of glass to reflect the color of any adjacent surface, and is the only zinc oxide non-eugenol cosmetic cement that is translucent. Its unique formulation combines the esthetic benefits of reflective nanofillers and translucency, creating a natural look that blends with the color of the patient’s own teeth, crowns, or other surfaces around it. Z

ONEfree has the reliable hallmarks of a zinc oxide non eugenol cement in that it is easy to apply, easy to clean up and remove, and provides excellent retention strength. When ZONEfree is dispensed and applied the cement has a pearly white appearance, giving it enough color to allow the dentist or assistant to place it precisely and see excess cement during clean up and removal. Yet, when ZONEfree is spread thin the cement blends with the adjacent surfaces creating a “chameleon effect” that results in a natural esthetic look. As the only translucent zinc oxide non-eugenol temporary cement, dentists can use ZONEfree without worrying about resin on resin build up and other issues common to resin based temporary cements.

ZONEfree is available in a 4-gram automix syringe and a 15-gram dual-barrel syringe. It is available in a unit dose in boxes of 25 pouches.

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