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DPid (Dental Prosthetics Identification) through its DPid (Data Matrix) Code system creates an open-line of communication between the dentist, dental laboratory technician, and patient by providing all essential data necessary to manufacture, repair, or remanufacture any dental prosthetic. The system provides access to critical component data such as attachment type and size, along with dental laboratory and dental practice contact information, ultimately reducing guess-work, research time, and increasing productivity. Additional information offered through the DPid system includes: patient’s first, middle, and last names; manufacture date of dental prosthetic; manufacturing country of origin; Dental Laboratory contact information and certifications such as CDT (Certified Dental Laboratory Technician on staff), CDL (Certified Dental Laboratory), DAMAS (Dental Appliance Manufacturer’s Audit System) Certified Laboratory, or a State Registered Laboratory; Dentist contact information; and if applicable notification of Pertinent Health Information that may impact the well-being of the patient with respect to the manufacturing materials or the procedure of inserting the dental prosthetic.

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