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Aquarium Software by Dolphin Imaging and Management Solutions

Aquarium Software

Dolphin Imaging and Management Solutions

Dolphin’s Aquarium™ software is designed to receive automatic updates that ensure the software and its content remain current. Aquarium is a standalone patient education program that uses high-quality 3D graphics to demonstrate common and complex topics including diagnostic findings, orthodontic and oral surgery procedures, appliance use and hygiene. The latest Aquarium update was released last month via DUS (Dolphin Update Service) to all customers with a current support contract. It includes new content such as the "Foods to Avoid" and “Mandibular Advancement with Genioplasty” movies. “Updates are being released every couple of months through the Internet,” says Ken Gladstone, manager of imaging software products. “Similar to Windows Update, DUS may be configured either to install updates automatically, or to alert you when updates have been delivered and are ready to install. These regularly scheduled updates include not only cool new movies, but software enhancements as well.” Regular, automatic updates to the Aquarium program mean users have the satisfaction of seeing their investment grow steadily each month.

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