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Natural 1™ by DirectCrown® Products

Natural 1™

DirectCrown® Products

The Natural 1 is the first and only long-term provisional crown produced by DirectCrown® Products, which is known for its temporary crown shells featuring patented interproximal window design. Made of “heat and pressure cured” nanohybrid composite, the Natural 1 crown offers both strength and beauty.

Each crown shell has been carefully crafted to match actual tooth anatomy, resulting in a restoration that looks natural and requires minimal adjustment. By slightly modifying a routine technique for extra-orally fabricating temporary polycarbonate or acrylic crowns and using new and improved lining materials.

The Natural 1 crown can be fabricated for longer-term use and seated during a single, one-hour appointment. And in most states, the process can be delegated almost entirely to dental assistant team members.

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