Dillon Gage Refining Services

Dillon Gage Group

Dillon Gage specializes in swiftly turning your precious metal scrap into cash. Our state-of-the-art facility, in Dallas, TX, offers:

  • Lightning-fast turnaround – as quickly as 24 hours on high-grade materials
  • The most accurate assay services in the industry
  • Competitive purchasing after the melt
  • Control of your pricing - you can lock in your price at any time
  • Efficient stone removal with immediate purchase through our Jewelry Liquidation Division
  • Ability to trade scrap for internationally-recognized bullion bars, coins, or grain
  • Wire or overnight check on request (extra fee)
  • Pool accounts
  • Automated information sent via email to track progress of each lot from receipt to settlement
  • Online melt calculator to estimate your melt value
  • Environmentally sound process

With the Dillon Gage Refinery, you enjoy turn-key processing and the best value for your melt.

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