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DigitalWax®D by Digital Wax Systems


Digital Wax Systems

DigitalWax®D is a range of rapid manufacturing systems that uses Stereolithography to create 3D models. A laser source emits ultraviolet rays which solidify a proprietary photosensitive resin layer by layer, to build a solid model from a 3D file. The translation of a digital 3D model into a perfect solid object takes just a few hours. DigitalWaxD rapid manufacturing systems have been specifically developed for high productivity applications in the dental field. High accuracy, speed and the lowest running cost in the market are the main features of this innovative systems. Fully compatible with the most popular intraoral scanners, DigitalWaxD systems are the perfect solution to produce digital impression models with the highest accuracy and surface quality, replacing the conventional physical impressions. DWS has developed two series of photo-curable resins for the direct casting of dental parts and for the production of models: the new RF materials were specifically developed for digital impression SLA printing of lost wax casting products such as crowns, bridges and partial frameworks, the RD material is a specific resin created for the production of impression models directly from intraoral digital capture devices.

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