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DiaRoot BioAggregate by DiaDent

DiaRoot BioAggregate


DiaRoot BioAggregate Root Canal Repair Material is a biocompatible pure white powder composed of ceramic nano-particles. Upon mixing DiaRoot with BioA Liquid, the hydrophilic BioAggregate Powder promotes cementogenesis and forms a hermetic seal inside the root canal. Its effectiveness to clinically block off bacterial infection, ease of material manipulation and superior quality make DiaRoot the most innovative and unique root canal repair material.

Because the effects of aluminum toxicity cause health problems, DiaRoot was designed to be completely aluminum-free and has excellent biocompatibility with the vital periradicular tissue. This product is more biocompatible than any other root end filling and repair materials. It does not produce any adverse site effect(s) on microcirculation of the connective tissue.

DiaRoot is not off-white, like other root canal repair materials. DiaRoot's contains pure white ingredients so to complement natural tooth color.

DiaRoot BioAggregate mixture is easy to manipulate and apply. Upon mixing DiaRoot and BioA Liquid, a thick paste-like mixture is formed. If additional working time is required, simply cover the mixture with a moist gauze sponge while unattended. 


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