Multimat® NTX and Multimat® NTXPRESS Ceramic Furnaces

Dentsply Sirona

DENTSPLY Prosthetics’ Multimat® NTX and Multimat® NTXPRESS units provide easy program customization, and excellent reliability for brilliant, consistent firing results. Both furnaces include programs for firing porcelain, and the NTXPRESS also presses all-ceramics, including lithium disilicates. Multimat models are equipped with an even-heating coil, protected by a Quartz glass tube, to ensure homogeneous heat distribution within the chamber, and a vacuum pump is complimentary with each unit’s purchase.

The Multimat supplementary, real-time controller assists the main CPU in providing extra power and a highly-precise temperature curve. With NTX PC software, select from the 1,000 standard programs, or conveniently create and administer firing and pressing files and programs for subsequent transfer to one, or multiple furnaces via USB sticks. NTX and NTXPRESS models are equipped with a robust, three-year manufacturer warranty.

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