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Midwest Caries I.D.™ by Dentsply Sirona

Midwest Caries I.D.™

Dentsply Sirona

DENTSPLY’s Midwest Caries I.D.™ detection handpiece provides clinicians with an accurate, easy-to-use, portable instrument to aid in identifying the presence of occlusal and interproximal caries in molars and pre-molars. It is recommended for use in the detection of caries in pits and fissures and interproximal areas on posterior teeth that have not been restored.

It also works in wet environments, so you don’t have to spend time drying the teeth. The probe detects interproximal and occlusal caries while providing clinical access and enhanced visibility. The handpiece also features visual and audible signals, providing an ideal end-user interface. As a critical component to preventive care management, early detection is one of the biggest opportunities for the clinician to stop decay with use of remineralization agents and sealants.

The Midwest Caries I.D. detection handpiece uses infrared and red LEDs, as well as a fiber optic probe to distribute light to the exam area. The Midwest Caries I.D. detection handpiece then captures the resulting reflection and refraction from the enamel rods in the tooth. The lightweight, cordless handpiece improves clinician comfort and reduces hand fatigue.

The outer housing, probe and calibration target are autoclavable, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. The Midwest Caries I.D. system comes complete with the probe, shell, and detection module. It also includes a custom cassette, ceramic calibration target, fiber optic cleaning swabs, polishing papers, AAA lithium batteries, and directions for use.

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