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Midwest Diamonds by Dentsply Sirona

Midwest Diamonds

Dentsply Sirona

The Midwest Diamond line combines 7 different levels of grit, (Ultra-Fine thru Ultra Coarse and dual grit options), 2 shank variations (Friction Grip and Short Shank) and over 80 unique shapes in a selection of over 500 diamonds, allowing dental professionals to choose the diamond bur that best matches their clinical needs. Midwest Diamonds start with precision-ground stainless steel shank for smooth rotation in handpieces. Natural diamonds, which provide more cutting surfaces than synthetic diamonds, are bonded to this shank using a high-voltage electroplating process.

Midwest bonds 5 multiple levels of natural diamond grit to the shank providing reliable cutting and long life. With proper care, cleaning and sterilization (using a product like the Midwest Bur Brush) Midwest Diamonds can be reused several times. Midwest Diamonds come packaged in a unique matchbook format which facilitates clean storage, easy dispensing and, most importantly, simple identification. Each 5 pack matchbook identifies the diamond visually, by product shape code on both the top spine AND the front cover of the matchbook.

Midwest Diamonds can be identified without the need to open the package or visually inspect the diamond. This unique feature allows dental professionals to store diamonds more efficiently and locate the right diamond more quickly. Popular Midwest Diamond shapes and sizes will be available in a convenient 25-count shelf pack. Each shelf-pack box contains 5 matchbooks. The top flaps of the shelf- pack are designed for easy removal, allowing the box to become a convenient, refillable storage container for the matchbooks.

Since the matchbooks identify the Midwest Diamond size, shape, and grit on the top spine, they can be easily identified without the need to remove them from the drawer. A unique storage tray is also available to organize any combination of matchbooks and shelf-packs on a shelf or in a drawer. Midwest Diamond shelf-packs also come with a Supply Rewards sticker attached allowing dental professionals to accumulate Supply Rewards points redeemable for a variety of merchandise.

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