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impr™ESSIX® Alginate by Dentsply Sirona

impr™ESSIX® Alginate

Dentsply Sirona

Raintree Essix Glenore’s impr™ESSIX® Alginate by DENTSPLY International features 25-µm line detail with two pours per impression, and offers easy flow, high elasticity, and high tear strength. These properties allow easy removal of the impression from the mouth without tearing. imprESSIX is available in Extra Fast Set or Color Change. Two formulas available – Color Change and Extra Fast Set , 25micron Line Detail, Fast Setting Times. Color Change - 60 sec.; Extra Fast Set - 45 sec.  2 Pours per Impression, Highly Elastic for High Tear Strength – easy to remove from mouth without tearing; Ideal for impressions with brackets, Easy-Flow Material – when mixed, smoothly fills impression tray resulting in a clear & accurate impression, Dustless Formula, Natural Red Berry Smell for better patient acceptance, Dimensional Stability – Extra Fast Set is 2 days without shrinking in a closed plastic bag; Color Change is 5 days without shrinking in a closed plastic bag. imprESSIX Color Change Alginate starts as a pale pink powder and changes throughout the impression-taking process – so it’s easy to know when to take the impression and when to remove it from the mouth.

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