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SuperLine Dental Implants by Dentium USA

SuperLine Dental Implants

Dentium USA

The SuperLine Dental Implant System is Simple & Predictable. Backed up by Over 10 years of clinical data, many clinicians in over 80 countries are placing SuperLine implants with confidence. The SuperLine Implants have tapered body with robust threads design, yielding an increased initial stability. The implant is S.L.A. (Sandblasted with Large grits and Acid Etched) surface treated, maximizing the bone-to-implant contact. All implants have uniform internal conical hexed connection size, allowing any [all] abutments to fit perfectly regardless of implant diameter.

The SuperLine Dental Implants feature taper body with double threading to allow increased initial stability and a uniform internal conical hexed connection for all implant diameters. Click here for more features.

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