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Dentca-4 by Dentca



Dentca-4 is a CAD/CAM full-mouth fixed implant-supported zirconium or PMMA restoration with segmented titanium bar technology. It greatly simplifies implant placement by utilizing segmented bar technology that requires no multi-unit abutments and minimal surgical space. It is the perfect solution not only for new patients but also for existing patients with removable implant overdentures wishing for a quick and affordable fixed upgrade. All major implant brands supported. 

DENTCA’s 100% FDA-cleared 3D printable dentures greatly enhances denture quality by using cutting-edge 3D modeling and printing technology; in order to make dentures affordable and a comfortable fit for the end user. Dentca also offers immediate and implant overdentures in this format. DENTCA Valplast partials are digitally articulated to simplify retrievability, thus combining the power of CAD with the Valplast benefits. Digital records are now possible for all 3 of our main Dentca products.

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