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ANEW® by Dentatus USA Ltd


Dentatus USA Ltd

Designed to complement your current implant system, ANEW narrow-body implants are indicated for


In patients who can't receive conventional implants because of age, systemic disease or inadequate volume of bone
In areas of limited interdental space
Overdentures with insufficient ridges
Patients with limited finances

Supporting a fixed provisional prosthesis in conjunction with ridge augmentation, avoiding transmucosal loading of the graft
Cases requiring bone augmentation, in conjunction with conventional implants
Securing a surgical guide in edentulous patients and supporting a provisional prosthesis during conventional implant osseointegration

ANEW implants are the only narrow-body implants with a screw-retained prosthetic system. They can be placed in interdental spaces as narrow as 3.5mm. ANEW is FDA-approved for long-term use and is backed up with over 10 years of clinical research.

ANEW placement procedure is quick and usually flapless. The prosthetic components are designed for immediately loaded chairside restorations. Patients never leave your office without teeth!
Components are also available for long-term laboratory fabricated restorations. 

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