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Dentatus Surtex Classic Posts by Dentatus USA Ltd

Dentatus Surtex Classic Posts

Dentatus USA Ltd

In 1935 Dentatus invented the prefabricated metal post - Surtex Classic. Since then the Surtex post has become an internationally accepted standard. They have been adapted incrementally to developing treatment modes and materials. Dentatus posts have withstood the test of time, making them the widest used brand name product. Anatomical geometry for passive placement and cementation.

 Customized head geometry: The square cross-cut head can be expanded in any plane to fit within the core.

 Canal access: The square head and matching key are designed for safe removal of the post when needed.
 Now all Classic Posts are surface-treated! Surtex surface-treated Classic Posts save having to sandblast hard-to-handle posts.  Posts are 200% more retentive when surface-texturized. 

 SURTEX posts perform extremely well with bonding agents and composite restorative materials as well as with traditional phosphate and carboxylate cements.  The SURTEX non-reflective interface is adequately masked with esthetic composite and core materials without opaquers.  SURTEX Classic Posts are available in titanium, stainless steel, and gold-plated brass.

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