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RAMVAC® OWL by DentalEZ Group


DentalEZ Group

Dental EZ’s RAMVAC® OWL offers user-friendly screen layouts to showcase an information center that provides real time information about RAMVAC vacuum pumps and CustomAir® compressors such as maintenance reminders, fault detection, and product cycling. It replaces large, space consuming panels typically used for microprocessor-controlled systems. The OWL can be easily installed and mounted at a reception desk, information center, or any other convenient area in the dental office.

The Home Screen provides the ability to choose Manual or Schedule run mode for the equipment, and includes a Master Shutdown button. The Manual Mode setting that allows the user to turn on or off each individual type of device is similar to a standard remote switch panel whereas Schedule Mode automatically turns on or off all devices by a saved user defined weekly schedule. With the simple push of a button, Master Shutdown turns off your utility room until either the Manual or Schedule mode is selected.

To see how the OWL Touch Demo works, visit for a hands-on demonstration. This site gives a comprehensive, real time information experience about all utility room equipment is displayed, including hour meter readings, maintenance reminders, fault detection, product cycling.

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