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Butterfly Discs by Dental Ventures of America, Inc.

Butterfly Discs

Dental Ventures of America, Inc.

Dental Ventures of America’s Butterfly Discs are non-metallic, very flexible diamond discs designed for cutting, contouring and shaping porcelain, lithium-disilicate, or zirconia. Fabricated entirely of diamond, the DVA Butterfly Discs provide the ability to effectively cut press-able ceramic sprues, then shape & form natural contouring porcelain, lithium disilicate or other veneering materials without changing burs or discs. Butterfly Discs non-metal composition is extremely kind to the ceramic products and can be used without fear of contaminating or imparting black marks on the materials being shaped. They also allow shaping and forming at lower rpm's; thus, a cooler surface. Butterfly Discs are ideal for designing incisal cutbacks, mammellon formations and trimming marginal edges without chipping the materials.

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