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Acryl-Marvel Cream by Dental Ventures of America, Inc.

Acryl-Marvel Cream

Dental Ventures of America, Inc.

DVA’s Acryl-Marvel Cream is a polish designed to quickly and easily high shine all-types of acrylic appliances beyond what has been previously possible. Virtually in seconds! This unique polishing formula also offers a special characteristic allowing residual scratches to be removed during the high-shine procedure, thus totally eliminating having to go back to the pumicing station to remove a small residual scratch. Acryl-Marvel Cream is available in 80-gram, easy access jars and includes one 3” x 50 ply rag wheel for application. Acryl-Marvel Cream can be applied using a lathe and the normal stitched rag wheel, which is supplied, using high speed (3,450 RPM) and reasonable pressure. 

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