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Perfect Pegs by Dental Creations Ltd.

Perfect Pegs

Dental Creations Ltd.

Dental Creations' ceramic firing pegs are designed to hold crowns and bridges in place in a porcelain furnace. Perfect pegs can tolerate heat up 2200° Fahrenheit  and are available in up to three different shapes. These pegs provide superior stability and allow for close placement. Perfect Pegs are excellent for Emax and Zirconia restorations, offering precise results. 

  • Item #112 For Small Anteriors / Small Bicuspids (Set of 6)
  • Item #114 For Small Molars (Set of 6)
  • Item #116 For Large Molars/ Large Bicuspids (Set of 6)
  • Item #119 Assortment (Set of 12)  For Small Anteriors / Small Bicuspids (4 ea.); For Small Molars (4 ea.); For Large Molars / Large Bicuspids (4 ea.)    
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