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EZ Partial Fix Repair Kit by Dental Creations Ltd.

EZ Partial Fix Repair Kit

Dental Creations Ltd.

The EX Partial Fix Denture Repair Kit from Dental Creations makes cast repairs easy. Cast partial repairs are a common task in many dental labs and offices. Patients wearing these partials often loose supporting teeth.

Clasps and extrusions break from adjustments or simply from metal fatigue. Lab technicians and dentists add retention for teeth and add wrought wire clasps in a variety of methods. Sometimes there is sufficient acrylic base where wires can be embedded. Occasionally silver solder can be used for repairs, but this usually involves replacing all the teeth.

Laser and phaser welding are an excellent method to add retention and clasps. Unfortunately, not every lab has access to these expensive welders. The EZ Partial Fix Denture Repair Kit is an excellent solution!

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