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Esthetic Rendition Restorations by Dental Arts Laboratories, Inc.

Esthetic Rendition Restorations

Dental Arts Laboratories, Inc.

DAL Esthetic Rendition restorations are premium removable full, partial and implant prosthetics that feature highly esthetic, individually characterized denture tooth arrangements with SR-Ivocap injection processing. DAL Esthetic Rendition Full Denture Each case is waxed to simulate natural soft tissue replacement with proper inter-dental papillae design, root eminences, and natural rugae replication in the palate, and processed with a premium SR-Ivocap injection finish.

DAL Esthetic Rendition Partial Denture Fabricated using premium Vitallium 2000 Plus alloy, each case is cast with a precise, delicate design element to provide the most esthetic and comfortable experience for your patients. DAL is a Certified Equipoise System Laboratory and a Certified Valplast “Flexible” Partial Laboratory, offering you two outstanding partial alternatives that preserve abutment teeth while eliminating unsightly clasps.

DAL Esthetic Rendition Implant Prosthetics DAL Esthetic Rendition implant prosthetics offer you a complete range of removable implant options featuring precision milled titanium bars and predictable flat rate pricing. Our proprietary Spark Erosion and DAL Implant Borne Bridge designs provide the ultimate in fixed/removable design application.

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