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Intraoral 3D Scanners by densys3D

Intraoral 3D Scanners


3D scanning should not be a luxury that only a few dentists’ can benefit from but that every dentist should be able to enter the digital workflow. Therefore densys3D have designed a 3D Intraoral Scanner that is affordable to the common dentist while maintaining all the important features for top quality results opening digital dentistry to all dentists.

• Small and portable, lightweight, plug-and-play; connects to laptop via USB
• Fast scanning and processing; pause and resume in mid-scan
• Easily exportable open STL
• Intuitive scan technique, with real-time immediate results
• Affordable, least expensive in the market, and 1 time payment, with no extra fees.

Our spray: 

• Refreshing minty taste and smell
• Easily applied
• Micron thin layer
• Sticks - does not come off from soft tissues
• Does not wet
• Does not change color
• Does not smear
• Easily removed after use with a toothbrush
• Both products CE & FDA Approved

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