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Single-Take Table-Top Dispenser by Denbur

Single-Take Table-Top Dispenser


The patented design of Denbur Single-Take Table-Top Dispenser is more hygienic, efficient, and functional than other table-top dispensers currently on the market. In lieu of turning a knob, or pushing a button, which must be touched by hand or a finger in order to dispense an applicator (possible cross contamination issue), the Single-Take has no turning knobs, or buttons to push. Instead, the operator presses down with the wrist or arm onto the Pod which contains the applicators. As a result, the hand does not need to touch the dispenser in order to dispense.
In addition, the chute design of Single-Take ensures that the thumb does not touch the counter top when picking up an applicator. The typical chute of other table-top dispenser allows only 0.5 cm clearance to the countertop. As a result, when picking up an applicator, inevitably one’s thumb will touch the countertop. The chute of Single-Take is 1.5 cm from the countertop.
Also, the maximum capacity of the Pod is 150 applicators (instead of 100). This gives the dentist more time to use the applicators and less time loading the applicators into the dispenser.
Manufactured by Denbur. Made in USA.  

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