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Master-Brush™ by Denbur



There are two indentations on the applicators of Master-Brush by Denbur, one on the handle, and the other on the neck. The indentations allow the appliator to bend easily in two separate areas independently or simulaneously. There are two "pillars" surrounding the indentations that work as "locking notches" when the applicator is bent. The locking notches help to maintain a constant bent position. 

Master-Brush in straight position allows the applicator to bend easily. All bending positions reach beyond 90° and provide a wide range of application benefits. The short bend position and is convenient for most applications. Long-bend is convenient and gives more control for hard-to-reach areas. The double bend position is ideal for applications from the lingual. 

Short-bristled Master-Brush is ideal for applications requiring crisp dabbing or firm touch. Long-bristled applicators allow for more flexible bristles which is ideal for spreading or painting gently over an area. 

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