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AURA Veneer™ Cement by Denali Corporation

AURA Veneer™ Cement

Denali Corporation

Denali Corporations’ AURA Veneer™ Cement maximizes the aesthetic, handling and bonding properties critical for success. Esthetics: Using Denali Setting Chemistry™, AURA Veneer is a light cure only resin veneer cement offering maximum color stability, which eliminates the yellowing associated with dual cure products. The crystal clear shade is color neutral, achieving a unique contact-lens-effect resulting in a genuine life-like esthetic effect that will not affect a restoration’s shade. Bonding/Strength: Total-etch technique or self-etch bonding agents may be used. Inter-facial bond strength between AURA Veneer and bonding agents is greater than traditional resin cements and bonding agents resulting in better retention. It is stronger and less soluble than glass ionomer cements and requires no mixing or trituation. Handling: AURAVeneer has a soft gel consistency for outstanding handling, resulting in excellent sealing. It has a very low film thickness, < 12 microns, and does not run. A simple single syringe application controls quantity with no mixing, trituration, or waste. Try-in is not water soluble, which eliminates the need to wash and re-prep the veneer for cementation. Shades: AURAVeneer & Try-In Kits are offered with four shades: Crystal Clear, Off-White, Light Yellow, and Opaque White. Each kit contains one syringe of each shade, tips and Shade Guide. Custom and combination kits are available to meet your specific needs.

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