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Vanilla Bite™ by Den-Mat Holdings, LLC

Vanilla Bite™

Den-Mat Holdings, LLC

Specifically engineered to deliver dimensionally stable, accurate, and rigid bite registrations, DenMat offers a complete line of VPS Bite Registration materials to meet all of your procedural needs. Easy to extrude and trim, DenMat’s VPS Bite Registration materials can be used for closed, open- and double-bite registrations.  

Vanilla Bite is DenMat’s medium viscosity VPS bite registration material featuring a mousse-like consistency and Shore-A Hardness of 90, making it the ideal material for 1-2 unit cases.  This rigid bite registration material also features a super-fast set time of 55 seconds and a vanilla scent to enhance the patient experience. Vanilla Bite is offered in a kit containing 2-48 ml dual barrel cartridges and auto mixing tips.

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