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Mega Bite™ by Den-Mat Holdings, LLC

Mega Bite™

Den-Mat Holdings, LLC

Specifically engineered to deliver dimensionally stable, accurate, and rigid bite registrations, DenMat offers a complete line of VPS Bite Registration materials to meet all of your procedural needs. Easy to extrude and trim, DenMat’s VPS Bite Registration materials can be used for closed, open- and double-bite registrations.  

Mega Bite™ is DenMat’s super-rigid VPS bite registration material featuring a patient pleasing spearmint-scent, Shore-D Hardness of 40, and super-fast set time of 55 seconds.  Mega Bite’s flexibility and low shrinkage inhibits the material from locking into undercuts during removal, preventing inadvertent extractions or fractures. These combined properties result in the optimal viscosity and rigidity for perfect occlusal accuracy in just seconds. Mega Bite is offered in a kit containing 2-48 ml dual barrel cartridges and auto mixing tips.

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