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Implantology Dental System by Delcam

Implantology Dental System


Delcam’s Implantology Dental System is a complete implant solution for dental manufacturers, accurately capturing the implant position and orientation, offering high-precision, multi-axis milling of customised abutments, implant bridges and dental bars, and featuring a management system to track every stage of the process. This launch is the latest step in the trend within the dental industry to replace “closed” manufacturing methods, in which the user is restricted to the use of a limited range of equipment and materials, with “open” systems, in which manufacturers can combine their own choice of equipment and software, and then use a broad variety of materials. Even though Delcam can supply a complete system, customers also have the option to use Delcam software with any combination of scanning and manufacturing equipment. The key to the Delcam process is a new range of scan adaptors that are compatible with the leading brands of dental implant. Once the scan adaptors have been fitted to the model of the jaw, the scanner can accurately capture the positions and orientations of the implants, together with the shape of the remaining teeth. The precise fit of the scan adaptors, coupled with the latest generation of white-light 3D scanning technology used in the Delcam scanners, ensures the highest possible accuracy in the data collect. In a similar way, the system can be used in milling centres to manage the manufacturing process, from the receipt of the design data, through manufacturing and dispatch.

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