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CustomFlex by DDS Lab



When it comes to removables, dentists are challenged to provide patients with a natural-looking, comfortable product at an attractive price. Conventional metals and acrylics used in partials often leave dentists and patients feeling less than satisfied. These materials can be uncomfortable and unsightly in the mouth or cause an allergic reaction in some patients.

The CustomFlex removable partial denture, available from DDS Lab, takes comfort and esthetics to a new level. Thermoplastic resins, already known for their biocompatibility and flexibility, have been widely used as an alternative to conventional partial materials. However, the nylon-like injected base material used in CustomFlex gives partials increased flexibility at a lower cost than the existing top brand name flexible partials. Dentists and patients alike will see the long-term benefits of this product.

It is biocompatible, virtually unbreakable, and clasps can be adjusted. The translucency and natural-looking blood vessels reflect the various tones in the patient’s oral tissue. Patients who have worn conventional partials and a CustomFlex partial report that the thinness and natural tissue design of CustomFlex gives them greater comfort and more confidence when speaking and smiling.

CustomFlex can be used for all partial dentures, including conventional cases or combination cases using a metal cross-arch base with thin, flexible clasping and saddles. Restore confidence with CustomFlex, a flexible, durable removable that gives patients a natural look.

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