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DATRON D5 by DATRON Dynamics, Inc


DATRON Dynamics, Inc

The DATRON D5 five-axis, high-speed machining center was designed specifically and exclusively for dental milling applications including crowns, bridges, abutments, inlays, onlays, telescopes, implants, bar work, and even models. A rigid cast-iron construction houses a fully integrated five-axis automation system built to hold up to eight material blanks or pucks, frequently used by dental laboratories. This integrated eight-piece handling system loads and unloads blanks for unattended operation. Finished blanks can be unloaded from the machine while the machine is running. 

The DATRON D5 is optimized for the efficient machining of common dental materials such as titanium, chrome-cobalt, zirconium, PMMA, wax, ceramics, and dental gypsum. This machine has seven dynamic servo drives, cast construction, horizontally-mounted industrial spindle, all of which produce superior and ultra precise parts. The D5 is the first machining center in the world to feature a user-friendly touch-screen Apple iPad™ to control all machine functions. The control software has an open architecture, capable of interfacing with all standard open scanning systems and CAD/CAM packages. Even the size of the machine was dictated by the needs of dental laboratories and the D5 can fit through a standard 36-inch by 80-inch commercial door. The D5 has an integrated lubrication system and dust collection to handle any material being processed. Made in Germany, this machine won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for Best Industrial Design.

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