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Sparkle™ Prophy Angle by Crosstex

Sparkle™ Prophy Angle


Sparkle – a smoother-running prophy angle with a brighter, more visible body and higher contrast soft cups. Features: Patented 2nd Generation Beveled Gear Design For Superior Performance, Smooth-Running, Vibration-Free, No Noise, No Over-Heating, Non-Locking Improved Cup, Dark Colored Soft Cups - Better visibility and contrast with teeth, Perfect Cup Flare – Improves subgingival access, Reduced Splatter – Helps minimize cross contamination,100% Latex-Free A More Ergonomic Design, Non-Slip Contour - Reduces hand fatigue and micro-traumas, Light Colored Shell - For improved visibility in the mouth Sparkle's beveled gears are engineered precisely so that their pitch surfaces are mounted securely and firmly when engaged for superior performance. 

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