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Sensor Slippers® by Crosstex

Sensor Slippers®


An "All-in-One" cushioned, seamless sensor sleeve, ideal for use with gripping style holders such as Rinn® Uni-Grip® and Eezee-Grip®.  Foam cushion helps stabilize the sensor in the holder to prevent slippage. Seamless sleeve creates a softer edge and won’t abrade corners of the mouth.

Also eliminates the possibility of the sleeve opening up.  Superb comfort for the patient.  Saves time - convenient, economical and a delight to use. Color-coded for ease of use: yellow for posterior, blue for anterior.

This "All-in-One" seamless sensor sleeve is cushioned for patient comfort. The cushion helps stabilize the sensor in the holder. This helps to eliminate sensors from slipping and produce better diagnostic X-rays.

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