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CSR Sterilization Wrap by Crosstex

CSR Sterilization Wrap


CSR Sterilization Wraps have the highest bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) available. Highly permeable - no wet packs. Bacterial barrier to both airborne and waterborne contamination. Outstanding liquid repellancy - water, alcohol, iodine. Even texture to permit immediate visual detection of small pinholes/tears. Meets flammable fabrics act (FFA) requirements.

Petroleum free - Manufactured from environmentally friendly cellulose material made from wood pulp. Can be processed through Gamma Sterilizers, however their effectiveness will be diminished 15 to 20%, i.e. if you did a tear strength test on the material prior to Gamma and post Gamma, the strength would be diminished 15 to 20% post Gamma. Eliminates skin sensitivity issues associated with oily residues inherent in plastic based wrappers.

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