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Ambi-ance® Ambidextrous Nitrile Gloves by Crosstex

Ambi-ance® Ambidextrous Nitrile Gloves


Ambi-ance gloves incorporate an innovative textured fingertip designed to provide enhanced grip, dexterity and tactile sensitivity. Latex-free, powder-free and manufactured with soft-stretch nitrile instead of natural rubber latex.

“Nitrile is increasingly a preferred choice among clinicians because it offers superior strength and fit as well as better protection from chemical penetration. And since Nitrile is a synthetic rubber, and does not contain any Natural Rubber Latex (NRL), for those with concerns of having an allergic reaction to natural rubber latex it’s a preferred choice.” As reported by Crosstex Senior Vice President, Andrew Whitehead.

The Ambi-ance design features a beaded cuff for additional protection and is available in all hand sizes in extra small, small, medium, large or extra-large. Ambi-ance® Ambidextrous Nitrile Gloves meet ASTM D6319 (Standard Specification for Nitrile Examination Gloves for Medical Application). In addition, Ambi-ance™ Ambidextrous Nitrile Gloves were tested for chemotherapy drug concentrations in accordance with ASTM D 6978-05, Standard practice assessment of Resistance of Medical Gloves to Permeation by Chemotherapy drugs. 

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