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Vivid Blue by CreoDent Milling Center

Vivid Blue

CreoDent Milling Center

The new Vivid Blue employs Blue LED technology to deliver superior data quality with improved measurement across the entire object. Moreover, users have more freedom to choose where to work, without being influenced by the surrounding lighting conditions.

Operating from a fully open platform, the Vivid Blue offers the maximum in convenience for 3D solutions for all dental applications that conventional closed platform scanners cannot.

The New I.M.V scanning technology ensures the acquisition of fast high quality scan data, which makes scanning your job more efficient, cost effective and productive. Conventional scanners have adopted dual-cameras with limited application for deep and narrow areas. However hard-to-access areas are no longer a hindrance to our latest development, the new Vivid Blue.

The ‘Texture Superimposition’ feature will not only speed up the modelling process, but it helps create very accurate margin lines as marked on the model.

The Vivid Blue comes with another important feature, the improved impression scanning capability to help you simplify your workflow.

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