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RSVP™ Kit by Cosmedent, Inc.


Cosmedent, Inc.

RSVP stands for Rapid Simplified Veneer Provisionals. This rapid and predictable technique will help you fabricate beautiful veneers in minutes.

In the past, fabrication of ceramic laminate veneer provisionals presented a number of difficulties for the restorative dentist. They were time consuming, difficult to retain, plaque collectors, overcontoured or overextended inducing marginal gingivitis, and esthetically unpredictable.

RSVP is an innovative restorative system that provides a definitive solution to these vexing problems. The RSVP System is primarily compromised of two specially formulated microhybrid composite resins, RSVP-Light and RSVP-Heavy, and a polyvinyl siloxane matricing, RSVP-Matrix, which facilitates optimal placement, marginal adaptation, and a rapid and predictable esthetic outcome.

Helps you fabricate beautiful temporary veneers in minutes!
Hand sculpting to the cervical portion avoids gingival inflammation
Esthetically predictable & highly polishable
RSVP dramatically minimizes flash for rapid finishing
Prevents damage to the preparation
Accurately replicates case-specific contours
Precise placement control
Natural polychromatic color
Cement-free retention without etching
Easy to remove

Included in the RSVP kit is 3 heavy body cervical shades of Al, A2 and SB3 plus 4 light body incisal shades of A1, A2, D2, and SB3. Also included in the kit are clear polyvinyl siloxane matrix materials and trays. Plus 8 blue mixing tips and 50 white tips. Each item can also be purchased individually. 

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