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Renamel Microhybrid B-Zero by Cosmedent, Inc.

Renamel Microhybrid B-Zero

Cosmedent, Inc.

Renamel Microhybrid shade B-Zero, is an addition to Cosmedent’s Award Winning Renamel line of composites. This shade is so highly requested that Cosmedent made the microhybrid available to match the other popular B-Zero shades in the Renamel system. B-Zero is a naturally beautiful white composite shade that corresponds to the 1M1 shade in the VITA Shade guide, creating simple and predictable results. 

Renamel Microhybrid is a composite resin material with over 20 years of clinical excellence. It is strong, wear-resistant and has a lifelike opacity. Because it has great flow and a thicker oxygen inhibited layer, Renamel Microhybrid is easy to manipulate and place in thin layers.

Renamel Microhybrid has just the right opacity to reduce the need for heavy opaquing. In areas where color shift is a concern, Renamel Microhybrid is the composite of choice. With a high tensile strength of 490 MPa Renamel Microhybrid is also less likely to chip in high stress areas.

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