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Insure Universal Cementation System™ by Cosmedent, Inc.

Insure Universal Cementation System™

Cosmedent, Inc.

Cosmedent Inc.’s Insure Universal Cementation System™ is available in two very useful viscosities, regular and lite (thin), enabling you to bond to almost anything. The regular viscosity is easy to handle and will not run, while Insure Lite is a thinner viscosity that flows readily and allows easy and complete seating of the full spectrum of bonded restorations. The Insure System has a wide range of both translucent and opaque shades so achieving any color is easy with Insure. Additionally, making chairside adjustments to obtain the desired shade helps eliminate costly remakes, saving you time and money. Insure’s matching try-in gels allow you to ‘Preview’ your veneers for exact color accuracy with total ease and reliability. These Prevue water soluable try-in gels are easy to apply and clean up with just a gentle stream of water. Prevue exactly matches the polymerized resin cements so you can be confident you will get the shade right the first time. Catalysts of matching viscosities make each formulation dual-curable for clinical procedures requiring greater cure depths. Insure’s dual-cure capability is ideal for inlays and onlays so you do not have to worry about depth of cure.

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