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Adjust by Cosmedent, Inc.


Cosmedent, Inc.

ADJUST, from Cosmedent, is a light-cure flowable composite designed to correct and repair temporary crowns and bridges. ADJUST is perfectly color matched to MirrorImage, Cosmedent’s temporary crown and bridge material, and is also compatible with all bis-acryl provisionals. It is easy to apply, shape and polish to a high shine. ADJUST benefits patients with its esthetic appearance and natural fluorescence. It is also free of methylmethacrylate. It has an easy to apply flowable consistency that color blends beautifully into your temporary material for invisible restorations.

ADJUST polishes to a high shine and has a composition similar to MirrorImage, so the materials work together seamlessly to create beautiful and natural looking temporary restorations.  ADJUST comes in 5 shades: A1, A2, A3, B1 and Bleach (OM2)

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