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Cora Refining Services by Cora Refining

Cora Refining Services

Cora Refining

Over the years Cora Refining has earned a solid reputation among lab owners for providing results that meet or exceed their expectations. Cora considers this a great achievement and plans to continue to strengthen their standing in the industry by doing what they do best - providing accurate results for their clients.

Cora's top priority is accuracy. They utilize fire assay and gravimetric precipitation to ensure the best results for their clients. These methods are time-tested techniques and remain one of the most statistically accurate in precious metals reclamation. As technology has expanded in recent years, many other techniques have emerged that provide faster results. Cora has examined many of these alternatives, but has decided that none could meet the standards set by their current methods. If accuracy is your highest priority, then Cora is the right choice for you.

Cora recognizes that in our increasingly global society, a multitude of opportunities and challenges are emerging. They believe that in order to keep the dental lab industry strong and growing, we all need to do our part. To help achieve this goal Cora supports dental lab associations through affiliate memberships, sponsorship of events, and financial support for educational opportunities within the industry. Cora believes that together we can make a difference.

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