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ContacEZ Crown Seating Kit by ContacEZ®

ContacEZ Crown Seating Kit


Black Diamond Dental Strip: This fine diamond strip is essential to adjust the proximal contact of indirect restorations like lab fabricated or CAD/CAM milled crowns, onlays, or inlays, and restore proper proximal contacts of indirect restorations.
White Serrated Strip: This serrated strip is popularly used to cut and clean out cement that is trapped in the interproximal space.
Gray Final Polishing Strip: This ultra fine diamond strip is useful to polish the proximal contact surface to restore a natural finish and confirm Interproximal Relief after definitive cementation.
LAB Stone Strip (Clear): This medium diamond strip from the ContacEZ LAB Strip System is useful to adjust proximal contacts of crowns on the working stone model when the crown does not seat properly on the abutment in the patient's mouth. This usually occurs because the adjacent teeth on the working model are scraped too much at the dental lab and the crown is made too large.

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