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Restorative Strip System by ContacEZ®

Restorative Strip System


The ContacEZ Restorative Strip System is an innovative new precision dental strip system designed to achieve ideal proximal contact adjustment and complete marginal seating of crowns, veneers, inlays/onlays, and proximal contouring of composite fillings accurately with minimum time and effort.

  • Single-handed design offers optimal tactile control and grants easy access to tight anterior and posterior spaces.
  • Central opening for better visual perception and access for tools.
  • Eliminates the need to hold small restorations, use rotary instruments or articulating films.
  • Patient friendly design eliminates gagging and prevents soft tissue irritation.
  • Flexible strips curve and conform to the natural contours of the teeth.
  • ll ContacEZ Strips are autoclavable up to 280°F (steam heat only, not dry heat), and multi-usable.
  • Pass the strip back and forth gently and buccolingually only.


ContacEZ Restorative Strip System

  • Black Diamond Strip - the proximal contact adjuster (0.06mm, Single-Sided, Fine Diamond)
  • Orange Serrated Diamond Strip - the proximal contact adjuster with saw tooth (0.05mm, Single-Sided, Extra-Fine Diamond, Serrated)
  • White Serrated Strip - the gentle saw & interproximal cement cleaner (0.035mm, Serrated)
  • Blue Serrated Strip - the heavy-duty dental saw (0.065mm, Serrated)
  • Gray Final Polishing Strip - the proximal surface polisher (0.05mm, Single-Sided, Ultra-Fine Diamond)

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