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ContacEZ Accessories by ContacEZ®

ContacEZ Accessories


Incremental Thickness Gauge
(0.1, 0.2, 0.25, 0.3, 0.4, & 0.5mm)
The ContacEZ Incremental Thickness Gauge can efficiently and accurately measure and confirm the amount of interproximal enamel removal or contact reduction for orthodontic treatment.  Measure the space prior to stripping to determine how much enamel needs to be removed, and measure again when stripping is completed.  This way you can avoid removing too much tooth structure while you are creating the required amount of space for the treatment.


Mosquito Bur
When you need to use a high-speed diamond bur, be sure to use light, even, brush-like movements. Move the bur continuously when in use to avoid localized heating and/or damage to the bur. Using water spray will help reduce clogging and overheating. Clean and steam sterilize burs prior to first use and prior to each reuse.


Slow Speed Diamond Discs
Diamond Disc T (Top Coated, Single-Sided, Outer Surface, 0.10mm)
Diamond Disc B (Bottom Coated, Single-Sided, Inner Surface, 0.10mm)
Honeycomb D (Double-Sided, Both Surfaces Coated, 0.15mm)
We recommend using ContacEZ IPR Starter before using diamond discs. Spin the disc using slow RPM’s.Use ContacEZ Disc Safe Guard to protect patients’ soft tissue.


Disc Safe Guard
Medical-grade plastic disc guard.  Disposable: single-patient use recommended.  Minimize risk! Give yourself peace of mind by providing safety for patients.  Use Disc Safe Guard during interproximal reduction with discs to ensure patient safety.  Protects the patients' lips, cheeks and gums from spinning discs.

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