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EndoPoint™ by Common Sense Dental Products, Inc


Common Sense Dental Products, Inc

The EndoPoint locator file makes Endodontic apex location a much simpler process, and is now available in a new length, 20 mm, in addition to the original length of 26.5 mm. EndoPoint’s new shorter length improves access to posterior teeth and short-rooted teeth. Both a shorter canal and up to a 26.5 mm canal can be measured due to the attachment of the locator clip above the file handle. On other files, the clip area plus the stop take up 3 mm of space below the file handle allowing for only 22 mm canals to be measured accurately. EndoPoint is also equipped with an electrical insulator to prevent shorts. The insulator, down the shaft of the file, prevents “shorting out” while accessing through a metal restoration. EndoPoint is available in six sizes: 8, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30. 

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