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ROEKO Comprecap by Coltène/Whaledent Inc.

ROEKO Comprecap

Coltène/Whaledent Inc.

Roeko Comprecap are compression caps that stop bleeding by compression and moisture control. Provides a dry, clean impression area.

Anatomically formed compression caps with semi-circled shaped spaces on two opposite sides and can therefore be easily placed on adjacent teeth:
Stops bleeding naturally - by compression
Opens the sulcus wide
Ensures a dry, clean area and a well-defined gingival margin
Has a flat base which provides an optimum bite surface for the patient
Gives enough stability to exert pressure onto gingiva and retraction

The rolled compression cap has adjacent layers that slide or telescope to conform to the prepared tooth and to apply more direct mechanical pressure to the interface between the prepared tooth and the gingiva. The gingiva or gum retracts from the tooth forming or widening a gingival sulcus. This improves the preparation of the tooth for taking an impression and fitting a crown or cap. A rolled compression cap can be pre-dosed or soaked with an astringent material, retraction agent , or hemostatic agent. 

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