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Ring-Flash by Clinipix, Inc.


Clinipix, Inc.

Clinipix’s wireless Ring-Flash is a lightweight, E-TTL dedicated, battery-powered flash that allows the photographer to take perfectly exposed intra-oral and facial photos. Pre-set for perfect mating to the Canon Rebel T3i digital “slr” camera, the Ring-Flash features18 Mp, 3” vari-angle LCD, high definition movie capability, and high-resolution color images.

Similar to a “Point and Shoot” camera, clinicians can focus through the eye level viewfinder or the 3-inch rear “LCD” screen for live action viewing. Ring-Flash’s Tamron 90mm macro lens can be used in manual or auto focus modes. This high quality lens is backed by the manufacturers 6-year warranty.

The f:2.8 lens assures a bright, easy to see image in the viewfinder. 90mm focal length allows for a comfortable working distance when taking 1:1 views of the posterior region and eliminate distortion in full face /profiles. A standard series of views is placed on the lens for consistent images and simplicity. The system is pre-set with functions for dental use, and dental specific instructions and unlimited toll free telephone support are included.

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