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Affinity Quick Bite VPS by CLINICIAN'S CHOICE Dental Products, Inc.

Affinity Quick Bite VPS

CLINICIAN'S CHOICE Dental Products, Inc.

"Rigidity" is the best way to descrive Affinity Quick Bite from Clinician's Choice. Few other bite registration materials come closer to matching Quick Bite. Quick Bite's Shore hardness is a very rigid 90 durometer, and this, combined with Affinity's resin-reinforced chemistry, makes Quick Bite not only hard, but also incapable of crumbling when trimmed.

Quick Bit is ideally matched to fit stone models that are created from Counterfit impressions. Its ridigity and accuracy make mounting models a breeze, even for multiple units an those that lack a posterior stop. Clinically you'll spend less time adjusting crowns and bridges and more time treating other patients--a real practice-builder. Putty, heavy body and wax lack the stability, detail, and rigidity for a properly articulated case.

Quick Bite sets fast, with just 45-second intraoral set time, so patient discomfort is minimized. With its mousse-like, thixotropic formulation, dentists will love how easily Quick Bite is applied, and how it stays where it's been placed.

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