ZIRCULES Zirconium Nano-Filled Core Material

CLINICIAN'S CHOICE Dental Products, Inc.

ZIRCULES Zirconium Nano-Filled Core Material is the latest product introduced as part of the Clinician’s Choice family of clinically proven products. ZIRCULES maintains high strength when being used in a dual-cure or self-cure technique. In situations where curing light penetration is limited, you can be confident that cores built with ZIRCULES will remain strong. ZIRCULES’ ideal flow consistency is excellent for any core build-up, simple or complex. When you’re cementing a post and then building the core, ZIRCULES flows easily into the post space, yet it is stackable so that you can build a sufficient amount of core material without the material slumping. Zirconium nano-filler gives ZIRCULES significant benefits over other core materials, including higher radiopacity and improved hardness. Once polymerized ZIRCULES cuts beautifully, just like dentin. The resulting transition from core material to natural tooth is smooth and free from gouging. You’ll even find that with ZIRCULES, refining the margins is easier, faster, more precise and more accurate. ZIRCULES is available in two esthetic shades (A2, A3), as well as White Opaque and Blue and in handheld 5-ml syringes and 25-ml cartridges.

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