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TYPHOON™ Infinite Flex NiTi Files by CLINICIAN'S CHOICE Dental Products, Inc.

TYPHOON™ Infinite Flex NiTi Files

CLINICIAN'S CHOICE Dental Products, Inc.

Clinician’s Choice TYPHOON Infinite Flex NiTi files are constructed with revolutionary CM Wire™, which exhibits virtually no memory. While traditional NiTi files are flexible, they will always try to straighten when flexed within a canal. This causes unbalanced lateral forces along the canal wall and often results in ledging, as well as excess tooth structure being removed unnecessarily. With TYPHOON, Canal navigation is effortless, regardless of the curvature of the canal, because the files adapt perfectly to the canal path for precise and conservative removal of tooth structure. Memory-free TYPHOON files have lateral forces that are balanced throughout the length of the file. Cyclic fatigue and torsional stress are the two primary causes of file separation. The inherent memory of traditional NiTi files accentuates torsional forces and promotes cyclical fatigue. In the past, the more aggressive cutting ability of a NiTi file has always corresponded to a higher propensity for file separation due to stress points created along the file. With TYPHOON, the clinician will experience cutting far superior to what they are accustomed, and they’ll gain significantly more confidence, especially in cases with curved canals.

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